Monday, 28 July 2014

My Mum decided to visit the other day.  Since she visited London many, many times before, The Husband and I decided to show her some of the other charms England has to offer.
"We should take her to the seaside. She's gonna love it!"; I exclaimed.
"Hmmmm...she lives in Croatia; their seaside is a bit better than the English one."; reasoned The Husband.
"Nonsense! She'll LOVE it."; I repeated.
So off we went in our car. Destination:Whitstable, a charming seaside town on the Kent coast and only an hour drive from London.
The weather was nice and the skies were blue.
"Look, Ma...this is Whitstable!!!"; I extended my arms dramatically towards the general direction of the beach.
"This is the beach??????"; asked Ma.
"Um, yes!"
"It's CATASTROPHIC! They swim in THIS?????? The English?"
I guess she was not too impressed.
"I told you so."; smirked The Husband.
"But, Ma, look how charming it is...."
She was having none of it.
The town itself fared a little bit better. She loved all the quaint little wooden houses and converted fishermen's huts; she also loved a humongous sandwich we ate from one of the seaside stalls and all the flowers in bloom.
After the excitement of Whitstable, we headed towards Canterbury with its beautiful Cathedral.
"Very nice Cathedral. Shame it's an Anglican one."; she observed.
Ma is, of course, a staunch Catholic and there was no pleasing her.
We rounded off our day trip in Canterbury's "Chocolate Cafe".
Ma ordered a cake and a coffee.
"This cake is miniscule. One gets much bigger portions in Croatia."; she said.
"Well, perhaps the English are worried about their blood sugar levels."; I suggested.
"Hmmm...."; she said none too convinced and bit into the cake: "It's delicious, though."

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black & White

There's nothing I like better in the summertime than a cute, white dress...

I wore:
Dress: ASOS
Sandals: Zara
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Bracelets: Onecklace, Fiorelli
Necklace: Onecklace
Rings: Dogeared, Kris Nations

Saturday, 26 July 2014

As you all may know by now, I'm a foodie. And one of the best places for foodies in London, is Borough Market , one of the oldest and largest food markets in London. I go there to get quality food and ingredients, gawp at people (I can't help it, sorry), enjoy the atmosphere and kill homesickness by shopping at Taste Croatia. My other favourite is Karaway Bakery which sells the most amazing Russian breads and pastries. So, if you find yourself in London, give it a go. Try to avoid going on Saturday as it can get very crowded. Of course, with all this food on display, you're bound to get peckish.  Avoid "Fish!" restaurant in the market itself; I found it overpriced and not particularly good (the fish was overcooked and not well seasoned). The better option is to sample directly from the market stalls or, if you prefer to sit down, try one of the many restaurants just outside the market itself.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Full Circle

It's my wedding anniversary today, YAY! This is the outfit I chose for the occasion...a full skirted dress from ASOS perfect for twirling around in and pretending you're on the Italian riviera circa 1955. Too bad I'm still in London, eh?

I wore:
Dress: ASOS
Sandals: Sol Sana
Name necklace: ONecklace
Ring: Isharya